Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toilet Roll Flower Notebook Decoration

I'm in a frenzy with toilet rolls lately, and thanks to my office mates, I have an abundant supply of toilet roll cores. YAY!

I decided to make a flower out of the toilet rolls to "pimp" my rather plain notebook. I must say it turned out pretty good

Materials needed to create a toilet roll flower

  • 1 Toilet roll core
  • ruler
  • pen
  • poster paint
  • glue
  • water
  • mixing bowl/cup
  • scissors or a cutter
  • something that needs to be decorated (mine was a notebook)

Step 1 - Measure 1cm across your toilet roll

Fold the roll in half and just measure one side. Just cut following the line on the side that you marked

Step 2 - Cut the toilet roll into 1cm-thick circles

Step 3 - Paint the inner side of your circles. Wait to dry.

Step 4 - Paint the outer side of your circles. Wait to dry

Step 5 - Prepare a glue-water mixture. 2 parts glue and 1 part water

Step 6 - Paint or decorate the surface that you'll stick the flower to [optional]

Step 7 - Paint the inner side of your circles with the glue-water. Wait to dry. Paint the outsides. Wait to dry

Step 8 - Fold the ends of the circles to make a leaf/petal shape

Step 9 - Stick one end of the petal to another using glue or the glue water. Press or firmly stick the petals togeter

Step 10 - Make 2 bunches of 3 petals each by doing step 11 repeatedly

Step 11 - Stick the 2 bunches together to make a flower, by adding glue to one of the bunches. Press firmly to stick the bunches together

Step 12 - Paint the surface that you'll stick the flower to with the glue-water

Step 13 - Place the flower on the surface. Trace glue water on the outer and inner edges of the flower

Step 14 - Press the flower to make it stick firmly

Step 15 -Dry the entire thing


So there you have it. A flower out of a toilet roll. You'll have an excess of 2 circles, you can opt to keep them for future projects or use them to make more flowers.

Hope you enjoyed this week's craft.

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