Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today I joined Greenpeace Philippines. You Should Too!

I've been looking for an environmental group in the Philippines that will let me do more in helping the environment, it turns out, I've been using the wrong keywords in Google to look.

Anyway, I found Greenpeace Philippines which I did not hesitate to join. I've known Greenpeace to have such a strong enforcement on environment protection, the first time I read about them, I told myself that I'd join if they have a chapter here in the Philippines.

Greenpeace is a non-profit organization aimed at protecting and conserving the environment. Mostly, Greenpeace launch campaigns against environment criminals, governments and companies who forget and/or fail to protect our environment, our future.

There are different ways to get involved with Greenpeace and saving the environment. You can be a cyberactivist who are people who make a claim, make a stand, by just a click of a button. You can also be an office-volunteer or an intern where you volunteer to help in the Greenpeace office. You can opt to be a volunteer which are more hands on, physical activities on helping a campaign follow through.

Visit their site for more information: http://www.greenpeace.org/seasia/ph/

Earlier today I sent my volunteer application form to the volunteer coordinator, and he told me to give him a time for when I want my orientation. I'm excited! I have to balance my new volunteer work with my current work load and my Church work, not to mention finding time to blog, for upcycling crafts, for my family and for boyfie. Whew! I seem to have a lot in my plate lately and It'll take a lot of time management skills to be able to do everything I am passionate about!

If you want to join too, I can give you the email address of where to send the application form to. Hit the comment box below I'll get back to you as soon as I could

God bless me to fulfill this new endeavor!


  1. Hi did you send your application through email? I already filled up mine :D could you send me the email address and please do visit my blog :D happyzombiirulesthiscity.blogspot.com

  2. Hey happyZ, could you shoot me an email at earthfriendly.greenliving@gmail.com then I'll respond to your email with the coordinator's email address. :)

    I also made converted their PDF application form into an editable word document. I could send that to you as well if you like.

  3. I want to join too! How do I get in touch with the volunteer coordinator? My email is zackreator@yahoo.com

  4. hi! I'd like to volunteer, my email ad's romaadnexa@gmail.com

  5. Hello! I am a nature lover and I'd love to help our environment in my own little ways. I really want to be a volunteer of Greenpeace Philippines. Can you send me the e-mail add of volunteer coordinator of that organization? Here's my e-mail add: robertdc12@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  6. Hi! Do you know any interns at Greenpeace Philippines? How's the workload and the scheduling? I'd really like to intern and be more involved. However, I have school. So I was wondering if it's possible if I can balance out both. My email is haze_4694@yahoo.com :)

  7. Helllo i also like to be part of greenpeace...i a done downloading their application form...i just need now the email add

  8. This is my email. dominicvestal@yahoo.com..

  9. This is my email. dominicvestal@yahoo.com..