There are a lot of new words and phrases that are created to describe the problems and events that we are experiencing now. It's hard to keep track of them, let alone know what they mean, and how to understand what they mean.

Here's a list of words that you'll encounter when talking about living green and being earth-friendly, along side with easy to understand explanations

NOTE: If you find that any of these definitions are incorrect or extremely lacking, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below. I'll review your notion and if I find it correct, I'll definitely add it in the green-tionary and give credit. You may also nominate words to be added in the green-tionary. Credit will be given when it's due

Thanks and enjoy!

It's still incomplete. Haven't had the time to think of a simple translation for the terms.

Word Meaning
Aerobic A living thing that needs oxygen in order to live
Air Pollution Contamination of air with dust, fumes and other gases at dangerous levels
Acid Rain Rain or other forms of precipitation (snow, fog, dew) that have high concentrations of acidic or acid-forming chemicals
Alternative Energy Energy from natural resources such as water (waterfalls) and wind (wind powered-turbines)
Alternative Fuel Fuel that powers up vehicles that is not gasoline, diesel nor kerosene
Anaerobic A living thing that does not need oxygen in order to live
Atmosphere A composition of different gasses that envelope a planet
Biodegradable Any material that can be decomposed by bacteria or other decomposing organisms
Biodiversity Different and diverse life forms that live in an ecosystem
Black Water Waste water particularly containing fecal matter (poop) and urine
Carbon Dioxide A.K.A CO2. Produced through human respiration, combustion (burning), and decomposition
Carbon Footprint The amount of CO2 or any other carbon compound released into the atmosphere by an individual, group, company, country, and continent
Carbon Offset A reduction in the amount of CO2 that was released in the atmosphere through planting trees, energy efficiency, using of alternative energies, etc.
Chlorofluorocarbons A.K.A CFC. Any compound that contains chlorine, flourine, carbon and hydrogen
Climate Change A slow and long term change in earth's climate
Composting Decomposing organic material into a useful substance that makes soil richer
Conservation Preserving something that can be lost. Using something responsibly
Contaminants Something that causes impurity
Decompose Breaking down of organic material into separate, basic components
Deforestation Removal of trees and forests for agricultural, industrial, and business needs
Down cycle .
Earth day .
Earth-friendly .
Ecology .
Ecosystem .
El NiƱo .
Emissions .
Endangered Species .
Endemic Species .
Energy Efficient .
Environment .
Environmental Impact .
Extinct .
Fauna .
Flora .
Flourocarbons .
Garbage .
Genetically Modified Organism .
Geothermal Energy .
Global Dimming .
Global Warming The rising of the earth's temperature
Gray Water Water that is already used and not fit for human use but can still be used for other purposes. E.g. Used bath water for cleaning the car
Green Home A house where the people who live in it practice Green Living
Green Living A lifestyle that aims to preserve the environment and oneself.
Green Office An office whose employees practice green living in the office
Green School A school whose students, faculty and staff practice green living in school
Greenhouse .
Greenhouse Effect .
Greenhouse Gases .
Home Remedies Remedies for ailments that use natural medicines such as leaves and fruits. Items commonly found at home are also being used.
Homogenous .
Hydrocarbon .
Hydroelectric Power .
Hyrdo Power .
Landfill A huge plot of land where the trash produced by a city is dumped
Meteorology Study of the weather
Landslide .
Litter .
Natural Gas .
Natural Resources .
Nitrogen Oxide .
Nitrous Oxide .
Non-biodegradeable Materials that cannot be decomposed. Cannot be broken down and used as raw material
Non-renewable Energy .
Nuclear Energy .
Organic .
Oxygen The air we breathe.
Ozone .
Ozone depletion .
Ozone Layer .
Plastic .
Radiation .
Radiation Effect .
Rainforest .
Raw Material Materials that aren't made up of several materials. Used to create other materials
Recycle Act of forcefully breaking down old/used objects to be able to use it to create new ones
Reduce Reducing the use of anything, especially non-biodegradeable material
Reforestation Act of planting trees in a forest in order to sustain its growth and ecosystems
Renewable Energy Energy that doesn't use up resources. It replenishes on its own. E.g. Solar energy
Repurpose To use an object for a purpose that it wasn't originally meant for without breaking it down or decomposing it. E.g. using glass bottles as vase
Reuse To use again, an object that already served its purpose, for the same purpose. E.g. Printing on the other side of a paper
Soil Erosion .
Soil Pollution .
Solar Panel .
Solar Power .
Styrofoam .
Sustainability .
Sustainable Development .
Trash .
Ultraviolet .
Ultraviolet Protection .
Ultraviolet Rays .
Up cycle .
Urban Heat Island Effect .
Virgin Material .
Waste .
Waste .
Waste Water .
Waste Water .
Water Pollution .
Wind Power .
Wind Turbine .

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