Friday, August 12, 2011

Will try to go 'No Poo' this weekend

It's not what you think. I will of course make my bowels moves over the weekend. No Poo means not using the regular, store-bought-chemically-induced shampoos available in the market today. No Poo means not using shampoos and use another more environment-friendly (and possibly more healthful) alternative for cleaning your hair.

I ran into this article in the web about No Poo. It's an interesting read and I really do want to try it. I'll try the recipes on that site for my hair.

Hair conscious

I've been hair conscious for the past months. I've paid a lot of attention to my appearance lately (because I want to look beautiful for my ever-dashing bf *wink*), especially my hair. I love getting my head massaged by my boyfriend that I became so conscious about the luster, the smell and the softness of my hair. I used to just shampoo my hair everyday not minding about conditioners (since the shampoo has conditioner in it already). I just dab some shampoo on my hair, massage my scalp until it's all bubbly let it sit for a while and then rinse it off. Now I use shampoo with conditioner and a separate conditioner to boot.

Now when I shampoo I make it a point to scrub every part of my scalp. Make sure every millimeter of my hair has shampoo. After shampooing, If I'm in the mood, (usually everyother day or during weekends) I condition my hair as well. Making sure that there's conditioner from the roots to the tips of my hair. I'm glad to say that my hair is considerably softer now.

Change in perspective

Since I always want to reduce my carbon footprint, when I learned about this alternative, I wanted to give it a try. Since I have thick hair, and we are more than 10 people living in one house, we use a lot of shampoo. Imagine all the tossed out shampoo bottles? We do try to limit out carbon footprint by buying a large bottle and just buying shampoo refills when available or when our bottle looks gross already. But If I could lessen our carbon footprint more, then why not? I'll try the no-poo method over the weekend and see how it goes.

A little scared

I'm a little scared to try this since I'm so afraid that my hair gets uglier than it is. The worst thing I had done to my hair is to color it. I haven't had my hair rebonded or relaxed. The only treatment I had for it is hot-oil. I was a little reluctant to even think of trying it, but reading a few articles made me think "what the heck! if it is for the environment then why not give it a shot?"

I'll post about my No-Poo weekend and tell you how it went. :)

Save Your Body, Save Your Money, Save Your World

Looking for inspiration

I was scouring the net to find an inspiration for a green blog and I found a lot of articles, most of them are boring though, or, too informative. Too much information to make your mind stop working and just stare blankly at the screen.

Since green living is closely related to living healthy, I found my way into a lot of healthy living articles and dawdled with those for a few minutes (or maybe hours, I dunno). There was this article about drinking water. (Writing this makes me wonder, how many articles are there about hydrating yourself?). The article said that our bodies need water, water needs differ from person to person, blah blah blah. Old news, right? But I got my inspiration from there. YAY.

Water Therapy

I've been meaning to loose wait for some time now, not very successful. I'm on this diet program called "Monday Diet", which is just me basically saying, "I'll start dieting on Monday", and come Monday, I forget all about it. Midweek comes and I go, "I'll start dieting on Monday because I have a party on Friday and a blah on blahblah". Pathetic!

I heard this joke on the radio which had me laughing, cause I was so guilty of it, "I'm on a 30-day diet. So far, I've lost 5 days".

Anyway, one way to loose weight (I think) is too do water therapy. Whenever I feel hungry, I'll just drink water. I won't skip on my main meals, but I'll just substitute water for whatever hunger I'm feeling that isn't in time with a main meal.

Engaging in water therapy helps me save my body. Since my body requires a lot of water, this method will actually fuel it up. 8 glasses of water won't be that difficult to reach anymore. Plus, it reduces my expenses since I don't have to go out and buy snacks. Water is provided for free at the office and water is already part of the utilities that you pay for every month.

Saving the Earth through Drinking Water

Doing water therapy helps me lessen my carbon foot-print in 2 ways:

  1. I don't need to buy snacks, which means lesser plastic consumption. Most snacks now come in plastic packaging, so even if I refuse the plastic bag to contain it, I'm still consuming plastic because of the snack.
  2. I don't need to go out of the office to buy snacks, which also means that I won't use the elevator when I don't feel like using the stairs. I'll just stay in the office and not consume extra electricity
The most important thing to mention here is that to greatly lessen your carbon footprint, you should use your own reusable water bottle. It's no secret that water bottles/drinking bottles are one of the most commonly tossed out plastic. Let's help lessen this number by using our own water bottle.

Everytime I go home for the day, I fill my water bottle up even if I'm not thirsty. I always end up drinking the water anyway, because along my way home, I get hungry and buy something to eat. Not buying a drink reduces my food costs. Also, when I'm broke, water can at least ease some of the hunger, until I get home.

Something to think about

The smartest business ever thought of was bottled water, and buying it a consumer's stupidest decision. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, water is already part of our utility bill. We already pay for water. Why do you have to spend extra for something that you already have? Sure purified water is better, but you can purify your water yourself. Also, since my dad works in a reputable, private, water company, he says that tap water is safe. If you're sensitive or scared to drink it, you can boil it anyway. Or if you do buy purified drinking water at home (by the gallon), it's still part of your monthly expenses right? So why pay for bottled water? You only buy bottled water because your thirsty and there's no free potable water source near by, right? So the smartest and most logical solution would be to just buy a water tumbler and fill it up with water before you leave. In the long run (or probably short run), the cost of buying a tumbler would be cheaper than buying bottled water everytime you're thirsty.

So drink up to save your body, save your money and save your world