Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

I have a vast number of tissue paper rolls thanks to my office mates. I have so many that I don't even know what to do with them anymore, so I scoured Google for ideas, and I just have to share these 2 with you:

These are wonderful and decorative ideas for tissue paper rolls - not to mention easy, and I can't wait to get started on these. I can see a few of these flowers sitting prettily on my office desk.

For tutorials on how to make these flowers, you can visit: for the daisy

and for the camellia

So what are you waiting for? Get those art materials out and start decorating!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tissue Paper Roll Candy Wrapper

I've been feeling a little off lately that got my ever loving boyfriend worried. He really went out of his way to make me feel better. To show him a small token of my appreciation, I decided to give him a few pieces of Hershey's Caramel Kisses. I know he'd love them even if I just hand it out to hm, but I thought a little extra effort wouldn't hurt.
I have a lot of tissue paper rolls here so I thought I'd make use of it to wrap the kisses with.

Here's the Finished Product:

Materials for Toilet Paper Roll Recycled Candy Box

Cut the TP roll to match the size that you need to contain your candies

Cut one side of the TP Pulls wrapper to elongate the wrapper

Cut 2 strips from the cut-out side of the wrapper (Ribbons)

Put the candies inside the TP Roll

Put the candy filled TP roll inside one the pocket of the wrapper and wrap like a candy

Tie the ribbons at the ends of the wrapped candy

When I gave him what I made, he looked a little surprised and smiled at me, asking me why. I'm glad he really liked how I wrapped it. It added intrigue as to what's inside since it's so obvious that it was wrapped with recycled stuff.

Staple Free Stapler at Think Geek

I was scouring the net for green office products to buy for myself when I saw this stapler in ThinkGeek! The moment I saw it, my geek-meter went on overload and my green idea light bulb exploded! Oh yeah! This is wicked!!!

Why is the Staple-Free Stapler Earth-Friendly

The staple-free stapler, doesn't need staples to bind paper together, which helps us reduce our consumption of staple wires which are very dangerous pollutants. (Imagine animals ingesting this, imagine you ingesting this). Not to mention reducing the accidents relating to staple wires. Blood, gore, and a heap of papery mess.

How the Staple-Free Stapler Works

It works by cutting flaps from the paper, folding the paper flaps the opposite direction, and then inserting the flaps in a slit it created. It uses the actual paper it's supposed to bind together to bind it together. Neat-o! There are some products on the Internet that offer customization of the stapler to add a logo on the last flap. Cool-io!
  • stapless stapler
  • cut and slit

Available Designs and Colors
  • Clear-colored staple free stapler
  • Clear-colored staple free stapler
  • Clear-colored staple free stapler
  • Clear-colored staple free stapler

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plastic Bottle Trash Can

While Surfing on the Internet yesterday, I saw this cool idea for reusing plastic bottles.
  • Plastic Bottle Trash Can

I saw this over with instructions on how to do it. The instructions aren't very clear, but the concept of making it isn't very difficult (or so I think).

Now the next question, would I start collecting bottles just so I can make this? I don't drink soft drinks so it would be difficult for me to consume oodles of it jut to make a trashcan. I don't buy that much bottled drinks either. Being able to make this would be a matter of how often you consume bottled beverages, which is, bad for the environment. You could however still make this, let's say, you have the bottles up for recycling, or you had a party of some sort. It's a nice way to reuse plastic bottles nonetheless.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Eco Bag Reminder from Cosmo PH

I recently bought the November issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines, in the hopes of finding some neat styles I can donne on.

While skimming through the first few pages of the magazine, I saw this filler article about the use of eco bags. I absolutely loved how they put it together, it summarizes what I have in mind about eco bags!

Kudos to the Cosmo PH team for taking a stand for Mother Nature!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Olive Oil Skin Softening Scrub

With all the good benefits and wonders of olive oil for the body, I wondered whether it can be used on the face as well. So I went to trusty Google and found out that a lot of homemade skin-care recipes have olive oil in it.

Use of Olive Oil on Skin
I'm not particularly sure if my skin is oily or dry. Sometimes it's oily, sometimes it's dry, but a lot of websites don't recommend olive oil if your skin is already oily. Makes perfect sense!

I have a lot of black and white heads and I thought that maybe the olive oil scrub will help me wash them away. I wasn't successful in removing the black- and whiteheads after just 1 try, and I haven't had the time to repeat it, but maybe my face will clear up with continued use?

Effect of Olive Oil on Skin
The effect of my Olive Oil Skin Softening Scrub (let's call it a potion) is that my face felt really smooth, supple, and clean. I had a lot of extra scrub potion that I was able to use it for my feet which are dry and a little cracked. My feet felt really soft. So did my hands, after applying the potion to my face and feet.

So how did I make my potion? Here's how:

How to Make Olive Oil Skin Softening Scrub

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • brown sugar
  • Fluffy face towel

  • Small bowl for mixing the olive oil and sugar
  • Spoon or teaspoon for measuring and mixing
  • Face towel
  • Tabo (dipper) or small basin to soak the face towel

Step 1:  Mix the Olive Oil and Sugar together to make the scrub

Step 2: Wash and clean your face with warm water to open your pores.

Step 3: Soak towel in warm-to-hot water

Step 4: Apply the scrub on your face in gentle circular motions

Step 5: Let the scrub sit for at least 5 minutes.

Step 6: Rinse the scrub with warm water

Step 7: Place the warm towel over your head for at least 5 minutes

Step 8: Wash your face with cool-to-cold water to close your pores

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recycling Facts

I found this in the ladies room of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 2, Arrivals.

Thought I'd share.

Sorry if the image is blurry. I took it in a hurry

  • Bathroom Tissue Dispeser Recycling Facts

The fact sheet was stuck onto an automatic tissue dispenser. It would have been better if the tissue dispenser didn't work with electricity to pull the sheets out.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Greenpeace Volunteer Orientation

I went to the Greenpeace Philippines HQ today for my volunteer orientation. I dragged boyfie into it and I must say that after the orientation, it seems that he's more interested than I am! WINNER!

The building's eerily cozy, with the ambiance that of a school. The office itself was rigged with biometric devices. It turns out it was a safety feature for a horrible harassment issue that happened to some volunteers and staff members.

I had a really nice time learning about Greenpeace, how it operates and it's core values. Not to mention that the staff that we met were really really warm and nice!

I'm excited to try out this new venture in my life and I hope I can dedicate much time for it!

HGTV Carter Can Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Carter Can is a show from HGTV which aims to help people in renovating their homes. Whenever people think that it's impossible to renovate an area in the house due to budget and/or design constraints, Carter Comes in and saves the day. What's even greater is that Carter uses Eco-Friendly materials for the renovation.

I'm not a fan of watching T.V. but a few months ago, I chanced upon this T.V. show when my sister fell asleep while watching it. I thought, "Hey it's another home renovation show, I love these shows". I wasn't disappointed for watching it since I found out that Carter uses green materials for renovations. There's at least one piece of furniture that is eco-friendly! I love it! At the end of the show, they gave a URL to check out for more renovation and green ideas. It's

I browsed the website found some of the Eco-Friendly furniture and materials that Carter uses in the show. You may want to see the items. Check it out for Eco-Friendly materials for your next home improvement. (

Here are some of the materials and how they were used that I really loved:

Photo Used as Material
Paper Countertop Tree Pulp
Bamboo Plywood as Cabinet Doors, Drawers, and Sink Bamboo laminated together with low-VOC adhesive
Rubber Mulch Recycled Tires
Recycled Plastic Carpet PET plastic turned into yarn
Cork Flooring Cork Oak Bark
Bamboo Buthcer Block Formaldehyde-free Bamboo
Biodegradable Hemp and Wool Carpet Hemp and Wool Fibers
All these materials and how they are beneficial for use and for the environment can be found on HGTV. (