Monday, October 10, 2011

Green School Tips for High School Students

Ah, so you're in high school now eh? It's great that at your young age, you're taking the initiative to make this world a better place to live in.

Making the world a greener place is a job that all of us must do. In our own little way, we can all be earth-friendly and save the world

As a high school student, you might feel like you don't have that much power to help save the earth, well you thought wrong. Actually, you can do more, since now you can choose which school materials you'll use in school.

Here are sure-fire ways for you to go green in school

Simple ways to go green in high school
  1. Use both front and back sides of your notebook and pad paper. Although writing on just one side makes writing neater, you're teacher will surely understand if you use both sides of your paper, and won't mark it against you.
  2. Bring packed snacks and lunch in reusable containers. Although it is easier if you just throw away the wrapper of your snack and your lunch, it's not really helping the environment. You're adding litter to our already garbage-filled world. You should use reusable containers most especially when you're school does not segregate trash.
  3. Bring a water tumbler to school. Sure you have water fountains at school, but imagine how much water is wasted when drinking in the water fountain? While you're sipping and swallowing, most of the water is just falling down the drain. You're lucky if you have water dispensers at school, but make sure you bring a water tumbler too, so as not to use too much plastic/paper cups
  4. Follow segregation rules. Most schools already segregate; the only problem is that students don't follow it. Follow the rules even if no one else is following. Also, it doesn't hurt to tell your friends to do the same.
Semi easy ways to go green in high school
  1. Write smaller. If you write smaller, you can use more paper
  2. Fold your notebook pages in half. Most of the time, we waste the right side of the page because were just taking down notes or outlines. To maximize the space of you notebook, use steno notebooks or fold the pages in half
  3. Buy notebooks that are made out of recycled materials. They look a little "oldish", it's usually brown paper, when I was in high school, I loved the vintage look on my notebooks.
  4. Carpool, ride a bus or commute. If you're parents or the family driver is bringing you to school, tell your parents to put you in a schoolbus/carpool or just commute. It saves on carbon emissions from the car. Also, if you can walk or ride your bike to school, the better.

So there you have it! Now go and go green!

If you have more ideas on how to go green in school, hit the comment box below and tell us all about it :)


  1. I love this post! Thank you for taking the time to help us become more environmentally friendly, little by little. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. You might want to rethink the wording of #4 on simple tips, perhaps include the word recycling?