Saturday, October 15, 2011

EcoATM: Sell your old, broken, useless cellphone

Do you have an old cellphone that's not working? Do you want to dispose of this cellphone already but yo're having reservations because it might still have value, OR just throwing it out would pollute the earth more?

Well, you'll be glad to know that there's a machine that would gladly take your old phone and dispose if it properly, and best of all, it pays you what your old cellphone is worth. Yes, even if it's not working anymore. Too good to be true? Oh yeah!

Since I did my thesis in college, I've been thinking of different types of reverse vending machines, how I can implement the machines, and how I can market it to gain more popularity.My thesis in college was a Reverse Vending Machine wherein used aluminum cans will be collected and compacted, then the person who recycled it will get electronic load as compensation. (For more details about this, visit VenChinX: A Reverse Vending Machine)

While wondering about what kind of reverse vending machine is available out there, I came across this video from Techcrunch. After hearing about the concept of this reverse vending machine, I was like "COOL!". The machine is called "EcoATM" (EcoATM Demonstration at Tech Crunch). You can also check out their website at

How it works
So here's how it works, you put in a mobile phone that you want to sell in the machine. I just have to reiterate it (cause the idea of this feature makes me really happy), it doesn't matter if it's working or not. The machine will buy your phone and the company that maintains the machines recycles the cellphones that were sold in the machine.After putting in your phone, the machine will detect what kind of phone it is and appraise it depending on what the phone is and any damages that the phone have sustained. It performs it widgety magic to detect phone errors and other damages. COOL!

If you can't believe what you're reading, then check this video out:

Can't wait for this machine to arrive in the Philippines, or for someone to think of creating one. Maybe I should suggest this to management?


  1. hi do u buy a broken cellphones..thanks

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  3. To get the right buyer who will pay right amount for our old gadgets is very difficult, thanks for sharing this information.

  4. EcoATM's are ideal if you are short of time, but they don't pay the most. If you have a little more time to wait for your money, you can sell online for a lot more. I use a comparison site called They compare the prices of lots of America's biggest recyclers and I got the highest price for my iPhone 5 through them.