Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tissue Paper Roll Craft: Treats Pillow Box

It's Thursday, so I thought I'd start my 1-2-3 Thursdays which are basically some craft or green action that you can do in a few minutes with the least number of materials.

This week's 1-2-3 Thursday is really fun and can be easily changed to fit any occasion. In my case, I made one for a little sweet nothing for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it! He even joked that one of his drawers is already filled with notes and other stuff from me. He'll keep the box cause it's cute. WINNER!

Anyway, I saw the tutorial at Clean & Scentsible's Blog. It's so easy to make, not to mention ingenious. Makes me wonder why I didn't think of it before! Clean & Scentisble's blog have awesome pictures for the tutorial, mine has a low res pixelated one, so if you're particular about pictures head on over to her blog for a nice tutorial :)

This is my Treats Pillow Box

Anyway, here's my take on it:

  • Orange Scissors

  • cloud 9 chocolate
  • Tissue paper roll
  • Cute kitten sticky note
  • Left over craft paper
  • small brown paper bag

Step 1:

Fold one side of the end of the tube, inwards to create a flap

  • Tissue Paper Roll Craft Pillow Box

Step 2:

Fold the other side of the end of the tube inwards to create another flap.

The flaps are used to close off one end of tube. Repeat on the other end
  • Tissue Paper Roll Craft Pillow Box

Step 3:

Open one end and put your treats inside. Close the end again

Step 4:

Cut a thin strip of paper from a brown bag.

This will be used to create a twine

Step 5:

Twist the strip of paper to form a twine

    How to make paper twine
  • How to make paper twine

Step 6:

Seal the flaps by winding the twine around the pillow box.

Make a ribbon or a knot to secure the flaps and the twine. You can opt to finish the box here by making a horizontal wrap or decorate the box more (proceed with step 7)

Step 7:

Cut a strip of paper that can be used to wrap the mid-section of your pillow box.

Tape or glue the paper for a snug fit

Step 8:

Position your Note paper in the middle of the fastened strip of paper. Put some glue or tape and stick it to the strip of paper

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