Friday, January 13, 2012

MUST HAVE: Earth-Friendly Jeans or WattWash Jeans by M+F Girbaud

It's a payday Friday! YAY! For those of you who are out on a shopping spree, or maybe just out there to buy a new pair of jeans, make sure you grab the wattwashed jeans at Girbaud.

How is it Earth-Friendly?

Before Girbaud started WattWashing their jeans, they're using the stonewash method (which they introduced in the market 40) to give jeans that rustic appearance and design. Stone washing uses *gasp* 175 liters of water per pair of jeans *double gasp!*. So now, M+F Girbaud is pioneering a new method of  designing that "used" look using lasers. They called this methodology WattWash. WattWash uses only 5 liters of water per pair of jeans. That's a really big, but great leap. And, aside from saving lots of water, they can now also make precise and very identical designs.

Check their website out for a cool infographic about their WattWash method

So How Does WattWashing Works?

WattWash is just a laser beamed over the jeans to create the designs. Check out the videos below for a deeper understanding:

Check out these sites for more information:

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