Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dr. Seuss The Lorax Motion Picture

Last week, SDEHBF (Super Duper Extra Hot BF) and I finally went out on a date, after more than a month! We were both excited, and we just wanted each others' company without spending too much or eating out. So we settled for a movie. I'm no movie-goer unless it's cartoons or a local flick. Since he doesn't want to watch a local one, we opted to watch Lorax. I had my reservations at first (Dr. Seuss movies tend to be boring), but hey, it's a cartoon and it's about trees, so why not.

It's a nice movie, with the usual Dr. Seuss environment and an exaggeration blown up to proportions; or so I thought. The story starts in Thneedville (see the song lyrics for how the movie described Thneedville), a place where everything is artificial, and fresh air is being sold, I was like, "Yeah typical Dr. Seuss storybook, NEXT!". The story progressed and I was shocked at how real the story was turning in to. Sure, there still are trees now, and there still is fresh air, but before we know it, the world will turn into Theedville. The story told exactly how it happened there, and what happened there is slowly happening here, and it's as real as it gets, and it's all through song coupled some scary, kick-ass cartoon animation.

Check out these lyrics from and


How Bad Can I Be

These songs pretty much describe what's happening right now. Commercialism and capitalism. Selfishness and pride. All these contribute to the destruction of our environment, of our world.

I was on teary-eyed when the Once-ler chopped the first tree then Lorax and the forest animals  built a ring of stone around the stump! It was so heartbreaking. I really broke into tears when the Once-ler sang Biggering and How Bad Can I Be. The lyrics was so real. It scared me, really scared me.

Everyone should watch this movie, and have their eyes opened. Thneedville isn't too far ahead in our future. I hope the movie (and the book) will turn more people for the environment.

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