Thursday, December 6, 2012

Japanese Flower Kusudama Ball

So today, we will be making a Japanese Flower Kusudama Ball. It's not actually that fitting for our 1-2-3 Thursdays since it takes a lot of time to make these, but then, we can squeeze it in from time to time.

The good (and bad) thing about maintaining servers is that I've got lots of free time when nothing is happening, so I decided to kill time by making these awesome flowers and made them into a ball! It's also a good way to curb hunger, sugar crash and sleepiness during work hours. ;)

These balls have so much potential! I even think they'll look great in weddings, a bouquet that my bridesmaids will carry, perhaps?

Materials for Japanese Flower Kusudama Ball

  • Glue

Tools for making Japanese Flower Kusudama Ball

  • scissors

How to make Japanese Flower Kusudama Ball

A huge factor in the outcome of this the color of paper you will use. I made my flowers from the pages of my Garfield Calendar which I received last Christmas. All I did was to cut them into squares to make the traditional square Origami paper. Since the paper is thin glossy paper, it's really easy to fold.

Ideally, you would want to use a larger paper so that the flowers look prettier. I suggest using magazines or old note and sticky note papers to make these.

I'm working on making a flower out of my used note papers here in the office, It will probably take a long time to complete, but at least I was able to upcycle my paper.

Over all, it took me about 5 hours to do this, of course that's with work going on in between making these. It also depends on how fast you fold and how quick your glue dries.

Check out these easy to follow tutorials on how to make the flowers and the Kusudama
    Balls From Folding Trees (Photo Instructions):
  1. Part 1: Making the Flowers
  2. Part 2: Making the Kusudama Ball

    From S Forrest in YouTube (Video tutorial:)
  1. Part 1: Making the Flowers
  2. Part 2: Making the Kusudama Ball

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