Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baguio Country Club Christmas Village - Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

Last weekend was a long one, with Bonifacio Day falling on a Friday, my family and I decided to go up to Baguio and have a vacation.

On of our itineraries was to visit the Baguio Country Club where we can buy the famous raisin bread that people keep raving about. We can buy this inside the Christmas Village that the Baguio Country Club created.

I was surprised with what I saw, a real delight! Most of their decorations were recycled! AWESOME! They were also very pretty! Something that you wouldn't mind displaying in your home, and you can proudly say it was recycled!

Most of the materials used were from plastic bottles and aluminum cans. It's either the top half, the bottom half of the can, the bottle caps, the bottoms of the bottle.

The way the decorations were used were really lovely. I heard my mom exclaim that she'll start collecting bottles so that we could have cheap decorations for Christmas!

 Lovely bells made from half bottle tops with caps on, painted white and gold, with a sprinkle of silver and golf glitters to make them sparkle

 A huge tree made from plastic bottles with red caps that have dyed (green) water inside. Leaves and flowers were made from huge, painted plastic bottles (1.5L-2L)

 A wonderful string of flowers made from plastic bottle (300mL-500mL) bottoms, painted and glittered. Angels were made from small lotion/soap squeeze bottles. Heads are made from bottle caps and the halo from the bottle cap rings. Painted white and glittered

 I'm not really sure what kind of decoration this is, but they sure are lovely. They are made from aluminum soda cans, i think you can make a top and a bottom from one can!

 Golf ball tree is made from halved golf balls which were bedazzled with glitters. Poinsettias made from plastic bottle tops and bottoms with plastic bottle caps. The glass bottle tree was made from glass (wine) bottles painted and bedazzled with glitters

 A very pretty star that is made from 2 large plastic bottle bottoms (1.5L-2L)

Another neat idea for stars. 5-6 500mL Gatorade bottles, painted and bedazzled with glitters

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