Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dining in or Getting it "To Go", Where-ever it is, Refuse the STRAW

There are days when you just want to eat out. It's either you want to celebrate something, or you're just too lazy too cook your own meal. Whatever the reason is, eating out is no reason to forget to save the earth.

Usually, when we order food, we order a drink to go with it, and more often than not, a drinking straw is given with our drink. We have to learn and remember to refuse the straw. It's not helping the environment at all.

Why we shouldn't use straw

Straw is made from plastic, which we all know, doesn't decompose. What's more, straw is just a one-time-use kind of plastic. You don't reuse straw. It's downright unhygienic. Poses a lot of health issues. So what happens after you use it? Yep! it's for the dump fellas!

Straw is more trouble than it's worth

Straws in the dump is the least of all evils though. We're lucky if the straw ends up in the dump. Most of the straws end up in water ways clogging it up, or worse - gasp!, at the open sea or flowing rivers, where the poor sea creatures think it's food and swallow it! Imagine eating fish who ate plastic! wow!

But wait, straws protect me from bad stuff

Okay, hold on, protect you from what exactly? The germs and bacteria in the rim of your glass? What makes you think that it's only on the rim? Whatever's on the rim is also inside the glass, it was "washed" on the same tub of foamy hot water.
There's no point in denying that straws protect the enamel of our teeth. Yes it really does a good job at that. It's okay to use the straw for that reason, as long as your teeth is more important than saving the world :)

Recyle it

There will be times that we will forget to refuse the straw, or we cant drink our drinks without it (like shakes and frappes). What do we do now? Well we can keep the straws and reserve it for craft making like these:

With that said, let's all learn how to refuse the straw.

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