Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saving the Earth and Keeping My Weight in Check - STAIRS

I've never been a fan of elevators. Escalators, sure, but not elevators. Something about enclosed spaces, being inches apart from people you don't know, and being buoyed up and down by some rope is scary for me; but since I started working, I've been using the elevator constantly. It still makes me light headed, but then I can relax for a few seconds, so it's great. I usually use the elevator in the morning since my I'm still brain dead and all I can think about is sleeping, and when going home, I ride the elevator down the ground floor. Sometimes when I go out for my a.m. and p.m. breaks, I use the elevator back to the office.

So all in all, I use the elevator at least twice, maximum of 4 times. I usually use the stairs when going down, since it's easier. Last week and this week though, I decided to skip the elevator in the morning, and just use the stairs. Since I arrive really early at the office because of carpooling with my family (I usually arrive 45 minutes early. Office is still closed when I get there), I should just walk up the stairs. It's good exercise and an effective way to wake up my sleeping brain.

So for the past week and this week, I've been using the stairs in the morning, except last Friday cause I was wearing heels). Though when I finally arrive at the 5th floor, I'm panting and all sweaty, it's okay. It's a cardio workout for me.

I'm planning to extend my stair-usage into fridays as well, also to include going up in the office when I decide to buy something from 7-11 during my snack breaks.

Here's to healthy and eco-friendly living! *cheers*

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