Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going Green

I've always though of myself as being an environmentalist. I love nature and I do my part in helping preserve it. I feel that it's one of my missions in life. To help the earth sustain itself longer.

How I've helped
For years now, I've been helping in my own way, for a more sustainable environment. I've joined Earth Hour for 3 years already. I make it a point not to use plastic straws for my drinks, yes even for takeouts. Even if I'll drink the bevy during a car ride. No straws for me. As much as possible, I buy green eco bags when shopping, sometimes bring my own bag. When buying food (or anything actually), when I can carry the stuff with my hands or put it in my own bag, I don't let the baggers bag my purchase. I also tell my friends to do the same. Most of the time it works too :)

To the next level
This post however is not meant to highlight what I already am doing for the earth. This post is more of an introduction of what I'm planning to for this blog. I think it's about time that I take going green to next level. It's not enough that I just live a green life. It's not enough that I encourage my friend s to go green as well. I think it's about time I reach a wider audience and go greener. In this blog, I'll post helpful stuff about going green. My going green escapades. In my next posts I aim to have the following:
  • Simple Going Green ways
  • Going Green recipes
  • Green News
  • Green stuff that I've been doing
So let this post be my "contract" to being green.

This is to a better, sustainable environment! *cheers*

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